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Creating great websites makes my day. I am passionate about my projects.
If I am not exploring web design books I am probably practicing on my yoga mat and writing my blog.

web design book

Designing with Web Standards by J.Zeldman
Great guide to creating web standards-based websites.

web design book

Bulletproof Web Design by D.Cederholm
This book introduces CSS3 and HTML5 methods and features redesigned case studies including new responsive design examples.

web design book

CSS3 for Web Designers by D.Cederholm
CSS3 is a universe of creative possibilities and this book shows how to implement all that goodness.

web design book

Smashing Book #1, #2, #3, #4 and The Mobile Book
The books feature best practices and innovative design techniques for designers and Web developers. They cover both basics and sophisticated tips and advice from experts of the industry.

Yoko Web Design is a tiny studio located in the heart of Edinburgh that is dedicated to provide an amazing web experience through professionalism, creativity and beauty that appeals to the web users.
The studio implements the web standards that guarantee that the website is user friendly.
Yoko is on the pursuit to make the web a better place by making the sites accessible to all, regardless of a platform in a spirit of “write once and publish everywhere“
Yoko Web Design is a perfect option for small and medium sized businesses, that are open to great design that uses carefully created graphics and carefully selected typography.

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